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iGrand Cafe Inside
Grand Café Brasserie & Bar

***New Name - BDK***

501 Geary Street,
San Francisco, CA 94108

(415) 292-0101

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Grand Café is a modern French brasserie located in the heart of San Francisco, merging France's timeless vibrancy with an unmistakable Bay Area flair. Their fresh take on traditional French cuisine is paired with an extensive wine list and hand-crafted apértifs, served in a gilded Barbary Coast ballroom.

But don't let the grandeur fool you. Dress up, dress down - they are all of the French with none of the fuss. An authentic piece of San Francisco's past coupled with food that is bold, vibrant and fun.

Just steps from the Curran Theater and nearby Union Square, the Grand Cafe is an in-the-know destination for locals and tourists alike. (They've even been told they're the place where locals bring their out-of-town guests.) Come by and see for yourself.

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