Biscuits & Blues



401 Mason Street

San Francisco , CA 90108

(415) 292-2583








Biscuits & Blues is committed to providing blues fans of all ages with a comfortable and exciting venue to enjoy fantastic live music in tandem with outstanding Southern cuisine.


Biscuits and Blues was originally conceived as an offering for music lovers who wanted an intimate setting in which to enjoy their favorite blues artists. Now, nineteen years later, we are one of the top blues clubs in the nation. We offer San Francisco’s best in national and regional blues acts while showcasing award winning Southern cuisine.


Since Biscuits and Blues is a full restaurant, bar, and nightclub offering nightly entertainment, there are many options for our guests:

  • Guests can join us for dinner and a show any night of the week downstairs in our club.
  • Guests are also welcome to watch the show without eating dinner any night Sunday through Thursday; and on Friday and Saturday during the 10pm Cocktail Show.