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Every Borrelli article of clothing reflects the scrupulous attention to detail of our made by-hand tradition. The impeccable result is something not just to be worn, but to be lived.

Take for example their shirts. Each passes through eight remarkable phases of production, carried out by Naple's most skilled embroiderers. Each is graced by such trademark Borrelli features as the triangular side-seam gusset and mother-of-pearl buttons sewn with a distinctive "chicken foot stitch" that cannot be duplicated by a machine. Similarly, their suits are tailored almost entirely by hand a definitive style marked by higher round armholes, a statement through a choice of fabrics, collar styles, pockets and more.

To complement their shirts and suits, all of their ties are made in the signature seven-foods style of Naples. Because they are hand-cut, each has the perfect centering of the pattern. Even Borrelli undergarments and pajamas receive hand sewn attention to detail that makes them second to none.

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