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First National Bank
San Francisco, CA 94108

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Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

First National Bank of Daly City opened its doors to the community in 1963. The Bank was started by a small group of local businessmen who saw firsthand how the big money center banks had little interest in the residents, businesses and the overall financial health of San Mateo County. The Founders knew that their own business success depended upon offering competitively priced quality products, outstanding customer service, and convenience for their customers. They took nothing for granted!

That same operating philosophy was applied to First National Bank. The Bank became known as the "Family Bank" and that image and approach to banking continues to today. During the past forty years the Family Bank has successfully adapted as our customers banking needs have changed, continually monitoring what we offer and how we deliver service. It is one thing to say that a business delivers outstanding customer service, it is another to commit to daily implementation and review to measure success.

That is their daily task. They have utilized their philosophy, products and service to expand our bank from a one branch, one million dollar operation in Daly City to an eleven-branch, $420 million dollar bank serving San Mateo County. In 1995 they changed our name to First National Bank of Northern California to reflect a more accurate representation of their service area.

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