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´╗┐Peter Walsh, the son of the former director of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, inherited an eye for the exceptional and applied it to jewelry. In the 1990's he opened and managed a highly successful jewelry gallery with local San Francisco designer, Harry Mason. After several years working in the non-profit sector, Peter and his wife Monica opened Manika Jewelry in 2006 and only two years later received the JCK Magazine First Place award for Best Independent Retailer. Peter has made supporting local artists like Sarah Graham and Rebecca Overmann a foundational part of his business model because he believes in the value of supporting the local economy.


Gina Fiorentino migrated to the Bay Area from Charlotte, North Carolina in 1990. She has been expressing her creativity through art and design since she was quite young. She is an alumna of FIDM and worked for several years in San Francisco as a visual designer. Her undergraduate degree in psychology and humanities inspired her strong desire to serve others. Since then, Gina has developed a passion for consulting and feels very at home in the artisan jewelry arena.