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"A scarf from the collection of Pashma Arte is a textile art form, enveloping you with its beautiful aura, weaving its stories and printing its history with your own personal desire."


Pashma is a major brand for luxury cashmere and silk scarves, wraps and sweaters across Europe and Asia by transforming them from a classic winter-driven accessory, into a trans-seasonal statement that is synonymous with textile art. And now it has arrived in San Francisco. 


The story of pashmina, also known as cashmere, begins in Ladakh, home to the primitive, nomadic Changpa tribe, who for centuries have reared the precious Changra goats. These goats, devoid of any genetic manipulation produce the finest cashmere, yielding barely 8-10 tons of clean usable fiber each year. 


 Art Inspired: Drawing upon the rich textile traditions of spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing, Pashma has created a myriad of textures, graphics and motifs inspired from art-movements as diverse as Persian Kilims, Japanese Haikoo Poetry, Art-deco, Renaissance motifs and even pop-art. With Cashmere being the mainstay, the unique design hand-writing has been extended to sublime qualities of silk and linen to create an offering that extends its diversity and relevance to consumers across the world.

Pashma  seeks to tell the story of a scarf - its history, background of its art and culture - and present it not just as an accessory, but as wearable textile art .