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Sears Fine Food
Since 1938 - Sears' World Famous
18 Little Swedish Pancakes
439 Powell Street
San Francisco , CA 94108

(415) 986-1160

6:30am-10:30pm Daily

The History of Sears Fine Food
Sears was founded in 1938 by Hilbur and Ben Sears. Ben Sears was a retired circus clown., who over the years, built a reputation for serving Swedish pancakes made from a recipe inherited from his wife's Swedish family.By the early 50's, Sears was purchased by Mrs. Quita Benner. When Mrs. Benner bought the restaurant from Hilbur and Ben, she left the name and the menu intact and continued with the tradition already established by the Sears. The original location for Sears Fine Food was on the 500 block of Powell Street. It then seated approximately 70 people, having about 16 tables. Sears was celebrated for the novelty of its Cadillac waiting room; the owners used to park two pink Cadillacs in front with the heaters and radios on to shelter the waiting crowds.Over the years, the popularity of Sears continued to increase and Mrs. Benner, with the help of her son-in-law, Al Boyajian, knew that they would have to find a larger building to accommodate all of their customers. In 1964, Al Boyajian convinced his in-laws to purchase the building at 439 Powell Street, about a half block down from the original location. Al and his son, Lee, worked together maintaining the standard of the prior years. They worked very hard to make Sears what it is today. To this day, Lee and his wife Joanie are still carrying on the family tradition of a world-famous San Francisco institution, Sears Fine Food.

Sears' Famous Pancake Mix batter is made Fresh twice daily. Sears regularly produces 11,000 little pancakes a day or 77,000 each week. Sears sells their pancake mix to people from every state in the Union and to various other countries

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