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Shapur Mozaffarian
145 Post Street
San Francisco , CA 94108

(415) 392-1200

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From an article in the New York Times:

'Behind the diamonds and the rubies, the tennis bracelets and the engagement rings, Shapur Mozaffarian keeps a small black scrapbook filled with sketches of his most memorable pieces.

The first page of the scrapbook is entitled BB.

“That’s the one,” said Mozaffarian, sitting behind a glass display case at Shapur, his jewelry boutique in Union Square. “It was a fairly simple piece. It was not very expensive. But it is very special to me — because it had the most feeling.”

It is an inch-long cross, with square-cut diamonds on the sides. When Mozaffarian wants to see the real thing, he leaves his boutique, heads down to AT&T Park and watches it dangle from the left earlobe of Barry Bonds.'

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