Advertising Opportunities  inexpensive & targeted

Why waste your advertising dollars on visitors other than shoppers, if shoppers are your target market? If a site has a mix of information such as the New York Times, ESPN, The Wall Street Journal you can be sure the visitor on that site has a variety of goals other than shopping. When you buy an ad on that site it will cost you the same as buying an ad on the World Travel Shop properties but on our properties we focus on shopping content with supportive dining and travel information.

An ad on the World Travel Shop properties is in front of the eyes of someone about to do some shopping rather than get financial information, sports scores, news or political information.

When you advertise on World Travel Shop your ad is being viewed by actual shoppers. We only provide shopping information or content supportive to our visitor's shopping trips. We augment the shopping content with useful information for the shopper such as places to eat, drink and run errands, i.e. shoe repair and dry cleaners. We also post information about hotels and city attractions for those shoppers who are also travelers.

Inexpensive - Immediate - Effective

We can instantly put your business or service in front of the eyeballs of shoppers and introduce them to you at a small percentage of the cost for local publications, radio, cable or national media. And we can do that right away.

If you are a new business looking to increase your visibility to shoppers, this is a great way to make that introduction. Why wait for word of mouth to work or spend a fortune on print advertising or yellow pages ads.

No contracts to sign

Stay flexible - discontinue your advertising campaign when it meets your needs.

Seasonal Ad Campaigns?

If you just want to advertise for a limited period or during holidays, you can stop and start your campaign easily and customize the time in which you reach out to shoppers.

You Can Decide your Monthly Budget

You decide what your advertising budget is and it can be flexible - you make changes in the amount of your advertising campaign at any time.