Union Square Park  how to schedule events in union square

Union Square Park

Union Square park is between Geary and Post and Powell and Stockton. On one side you can find TIX Bay Area where you can purchase 1/2 price tickets and on the other side of the square you will find Emporio Rulli at Union Square, an outdoor cafe. The park is filled with benches and steps where you can sit and enjoy a lunch with friends or just relax and take it all in. For more information about the rules of the park, history or how to schedule an event, look below:

History of Union Square Park

Rules of the Park

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Schedule an Event on Union Square

If you are wishing to have an event in Union Square Park, please contact the program manager:

VOICE (415) 477-2610

E-MAIL info@unionsquarepark.us

WEB SITE http://www.unionsquarepark.us