Stores & Restaurants Re-Opened  for Union Square San Francisco

Updated July 10, 2020 - Updated Daily

Stores & Shops

Mostly Open New & Changing Hours

Most of the stores and shops in Union Square and the San Francisco Westfield Centre are currently open.

HOURS for stores are going to vary during this time period. A majority of stores are currently open between 11am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and 12pm to 6pm on Sundays. That will not be true for all stores and will change depending on circumstances for the stores and The City.

NOTE: All of the above can change at any time, so please don't rely solely on that information. Also, hours and openings are dependent solely upon individual stores - please use this only as a guide.

Restaurants & Eateries

Outdoor Dining is Open Indoor Dining is still on Hold

Restaurants & eateries where you can pick up food are open or where food can be ordered and picked up. Indoor dining is still not open per the City of San Francisco. No date certain is known by us.

NOTE: Please check which ones are open for outdoor dining, curbside pick-up or window/door pick-up. Also, check the hours as these will be changing according to the owners.

We were posting stores, restaurants and hours, however, due to changes at any time to those hours and businesses, we do not want to potentially inconvenience anyone with incorrect information.