Barcelino Men's Apparel

498 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 781-5777



Barcelino started out as a single store in San Francisco’s Union Square and has grown to include six San Francisco Bay Area locations and two in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, Barcelino, known as the executive men’s wear specialist, expanded in 1995 to include “Per Donna” a boutique exclusively for high-level career women located two storefronts down from the men’s store In 1972, Sharei and a college friend opened a store called “Orpheus” on Union Street. This was the middle of the “hippie era”, when fashion was undergoing dramatic changes, with psychedelic colors and patterns changing the way American men looked and dressed. To set Orpheus apart from the other boutiques that lined Union Street and specialized in trendy bell-bottoms, tie-dyed T-shirts and other hippy clothing, Sharei imported popular European lines. This foresight established Orpheus as the first American company to represent GRUPPO G.F.T., which eventually introduced the famous Italian designer, Giorgio Armani, to the US market.

Today, designer labels do not always mean exclusivity. Designer lines, sold in almost all department stores, often are the same from store to store. This replication of merchandise offers customer’s limited choices even among the top designers. At Barcelino, up to 70% of Barcelino’s exclusive designs are manufactured in Europe by the same manufacturers who produce for the couture designers. In addition, Barcelino offers its customers true exclusivity because it does not sell its designs to other stores in this country

Sharei contends his clothing may not be for everyone. “By no means is it inexpensive. But considering the quality and workmanship, rich fabric and exceptional styling that goes into each garment, Barcelino clothing represents a wonderful value. And there will always be a market for quality, style and value.*