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Every Bvlgari creation is permeated with a spirit of excellence, hence the attention to detail and the research for absolute quality, typical of each product, coexist with an innate yearn to surpass oneself and respond passionately to the ever changing market’s requests.

The Bvlgari jewels take shape as a watercolour or tempera drawing. The subsequent transformation of a drawing into a finished jewel is left to the skilled hands of the artisan, whose job is to produce a jewel of extraordinary softness, roundness, polish and perfection.

From the very first drawing, the idea is analyzed and developed creatively so as to assess the materials and colours that are most suitable for its creation, wearability and coherence with the Bvlgari tradition and style.

As far as watches are concerned, Bvlgari succeeded in combining a refined design with sophisticated mechanisms, produced and examined according to strict and rigorous Swiss certification criteria, a guarantee of high quality. All Bvlgari watches are created at Bvlgari Time in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.