Carolina Herrera

45 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94108

(415) 986-3000



Born and raised in Venezuela, Carolina Herrera was exposed from early on to international culture and fashion. At age 13, her grandmother took her to Paris to see the Cristobal Balenciaga haute couture show. As she elegantly puts it: “My eye was accustomed to see beautiful things”.

The essence of Carolina Herrera’s signature style lies in her keen ability to find inspiration in a great variety of artistic disciplines (architecture, painting, cinema, design…) and to creatively translate them into a modern, dynamic, and yet timeless fashion that exudes effortless elegance..

Carolina Herrera has always asserted the great importance of couture like-craftsmanship and excellence in quality. She has established one of the few in-house couture ateliers in New York where she has a team of experts trained in the classic techniques of haute couture with the ability to control each design from its initial sketches down to its actual creation and ensure perfection and refinement in the details.