Stanley's Steamers

Post & Stockton Streets
San Francisco, CA 94108

(415) 974-3600



Monday to Saturday 10-8:30
Sunday 10-7:30

Not all hot dogs are created equal. Stanley’s Steamers prides itself on only using the highest quality meat from the finest, most reputable meat suppliers in the United States.

Their namesake “Stanley’s Steamer” hot dog is made exclusively from locally-sourced grass-fed cattle that spend their entire lives grazing on natural vegetation in healthy, uncrowded conditions. They are never fed corn, other grains, or animal by-products and are raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics.

People say the taste of naturally-raised beef is what beef used to taste like, which is why we chose it for our top of the line Stanley Steamer frankfurter. When you bite into a Stanley Steamer, you can immediately taste the difference. We proudly call it our “NO GUILT” hot dog!

Stanley’s Steamers carts aren’t hard to find. They’ve been serving up delicious hot dogs for three decades. Just look for their colorful yellow and white canopies in Union Square.

Located at:

  • 200 Block of Geary Street - in front of Macy's
  • Post & Stockton Streets
  • Grant & Geary Streets
  • Post & Kearney Streets
  • Market & Montgomery Streets